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MODEL 750 and MODEL 284


model 750 pallet server Access Whole Pallet From ONE Side
Load And Unload Pallets Efficiently
No Need To Rotate Pallets
Straddles Entire Pallet
Move Drums Easily
Simple To Operate
Quick To Use
No Electrical Parts
Air Storage Tank Onboard
Operate Without Hose Connection
Model 750-A Pallet Server has air
operated drum lift with rechargeable
air storage tank onboard. Charge
tank and then operate without air
hose connected.
Quick Connect Fitting To Recharge Tank
Air Operated (AC Compressor Optional)
Lift Mechanism Pivots to Grab Left or Right Drum
Handles Plastic, Fiber, Or Steel Drums
This free-standing, manually propelled model is specially
designed to load and unload pallets. Since this unit is able
to straddle a four drum pallet, as well as bridge or go over
the pallet (as shown in the picture), the user is able to
access the whole pallet load from one side of the pallet.
The unique design of this pallet server means that there is
no longer the inconvenience of having to rotate the pallet
to get to the drums at the back or shift the handler to
approach the pallet from all four corners.
The unit uses a pneumatic cylinder for lifting the drum.
Onboard air-storage tank can hold enough air to lift and
move a number of drums (weight and lift range effect
how many) while disconnected from air supply line.
There are 4" (10.2 cm) swivel casters in the rear and 8"
(20.3 cm) fixed wheels in the front. This unit is designed
to handle virtually any rimmed drum whether steel, plastic
or fiber.
A tiller allows the operator to pivot the gripping mechanism
to pick a drum at the left or right corner of the pallet.

model 750 pallet server Roll the Pallet-Server to the side of the
pallet. Pivot the lifting mechanism to the
left or right to reach a drum in any position
on the pallet. Use the Pallet Server to lift
your drum clear of the pallet. You can pick
or place all four drums, one at a time, with
acces from only one side of the pallet.
model 750 pallet server
Model 750-A Pallet Server has air-powered drum lift
Model 750-BP Pallet Server has
battery-powered drum lift
model 750 pallet server
Move an upright drum. The operator holds
no weight and does not need to balance the
drum pallet server.
model 750 pallet server
Note: Disconnect air line on model 750-A
to travel with Pallet Server holding your

model 750 pallet server

model 750 pallet server

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Model No. Description Ship Weight Price
750 Hand Pump Lift 475 Lb.
750-BP 12V DC Power-Lift 525 Lb.
750-A Air Power-Lift 498 Lb.

1. Review the Material Safety Data Sheet(s) for the material(s) in the drum(s) and take all necessary precautions.
    Safety shoes, work gloves, hardhat and other personal protective devices are recommended.
2. Please read all instructions thoroughly before attempting to operate your new MORSE drum handler.
3. The 750 series has a maximum capacity rating of 800 Lb. and is designed to lift and move rimmed drums of
    various diameters. Drums should weigh at least 75 Lb. to complete clamping action. DO NOT exceed these
    ratings. Exceeding these ratings or handling drums other than those mentioned above is unsafe and could result in
    equipment damage, excessive wear or awkward handling.
4. When loading, unloading, operating, or maintaining your MORSE drum handler, always use care and good
     judgment. Maintain secure footing and a firm hold. Keep hands and loose clothing away from all moving parts.
     Never allow anyone to be below any part of a raised drum handler or drum. Read operating instructions and
     review the pictures in the sales brochure before operation.
5. Prior to initial use, inspect all moving parts. Perform necessary load test, inspections, operator training, etc.
1. Roll drum lifter to drum. Steer unit so head and bottom support meet centerline of drum. Head should push into
    side of drum near drum top. Exact height is not critical. Jaws should arrive below drum rim. This usually
    corresponds to having top of head about as high as top of drum.
WARNING: keep hands and other objects away from top opening of lifting frame.
2. For 55 gallon steel drums, set "Morspeed"Heads in carriage mount so that cross-pin is in the top or second hole.
    For shorter drums use suitable lower holes. It is always best to keep Vee Backrest as close to the bottom of the
    drum as possible.
3. To clamp drum: Operate lift function to raise head while it is held against the drum. Drum-gripping action is
     automatic as the head rises. This is how it works:
4. As the head rises, the lower jaw will come up under the lip of the drum rim, "catch"under it, and be held down.
    As the head rises with the lower jaw thus held by the drum rim, internal linkage will pull the upper jaw downward
    to meet the top of the drum rim. The drum's weight on the lower jaw creates the force that pulls the upper jaw
    down to tightly grip the drum rim. No manual contact is required.
WARNING: keep hands and other objects away from drum-gripping jaws.
5. With drum held off the floor, push drum lifter to deliver drum. Avoid unreasonably rough or non-level surfaces.
     Move at moderate speed. Carry drum only high enough to avoid contact with the floor or obstacles. Push loaded
     unit when possible for transporting. Pulling unit should be limited to maneuvering at short distance.
WARNING: excessive pitching or bouncing caused by rushing over rough or non-level floors can make
drum momentarily weightless, jaws can disengage.

6. To release drum at intended destination: operate control to lower drum onto level floor or pallet. When drum comes
     to rest and head continues to lower, weight will no longer be on the lower jaw and jaws will open automatically.
     No manual contact is required. Do not stop lowering as soon as drum touches down, keep going down for a few
     more inches. Pull unit away once upper jaw has retracted clear of drum rim. Park unit on level floor, out of traffic
     lanes when not in use.
CAUTION: DO NOT exceed weight capacity of 800 Lb.
CAUTION: DO NOT allow drum to impact on floor, etc.
1. Grease wheel and caster bearings periodically.
2. Clean and oil cylinder pin & linkages periodically. (Clean & lubricate more often in environments where dust, dirt
     or other foreign particles will affect the performance of moving parts.)
3. Hydraulic pump has been filled with Dexron III automatic transmission fluid. Inspect the hydraulic system for oil
     drips, hose damage, or other signs of wear. Inspect the level & condition of the hydraulic fluid. Replace any parts
     that show signs of wear (see parts diagrams for pump & cylinder).
4. Periodically inspect all moving parts, framework, and contact areas for signs of wear, fatigue, or loosening.
    Tighten, adjust or replace parts as necessary to prevent failure and maintain proper function.

model 284 fork hook Model 284 fork mounted hook slides right onto the fork to use
below-hook drum lifters with your forklift.
Fork Hook Capacity: 2,000 Lb. (909 kg)
Fork opening is 5-1/2" X 1-9/16"
NOTE: Model 284 Fork Hook is NOT a drum lifter. It is a fork
mounted hook from which to suspend a drum lifter or other device.

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Model No. Description Ship Weight Price
284 Fork Mounted Hook Attachment 11 Lb. $137
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Carriers, Drum Dumpers, Drum Handling Equipment, Drum Lift, Drum Lifting Equipment, and Drum Stackers from your
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