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Ergonomic Drum Trucks to move and dispense a heavy drum with ease.
4-wheel drum hand trucks.

Model No. 160
Model No. 160-SS
Use the Chime Hook to Extend the Support Prop
Engage the chime hook
on the drum rim as shown here to assist in loading
the drum. Extend the
support prop to stabilize
the hand truck in a
horizontal position to dispense from a drum, as shown bottom right. Push
the chime hook down to extend the support prop
and stabilize the drum truck in upright position. Raise the
chime hook to retract the
support prop, and engage the
drum rim. Note: Model 160M has a chime hook, but not a support prop.
Model No. 160-SS made of type 304 stainless steel
Drum truck
stands in
in 20" x 20"
area for space
saving storage
Model No. 160-SS Stainless Steel Multipurpose
4-Wheel Drum Truck
Model 160-SS Stainless Steel Drum Truck has the same
design and functionality as model 160 above, but is made
of type 304 Stainless Steel with electro-polished finish. It is
corrosion resistant for applications that require you to wash
down your drum truck.
Ship weight: 63 Lb. (29 kg)
Ship dimensions: L64" W20" H20" (163 x 51 x 51 cm)
Dispense drum with ease
When pouring a drum the frame and extendable
support prop stabilize the truck in horizontal
position. The truck also stands alone with extendable support prop.
Model No. 160M is available with Spark Resistant Parts
160 Series 4-Wheel Drum Trucks Drum trucks for moving and dispensing from the
various drums
Ergonomic and versatile drum trucks stand alone
on 4 wheels. Transport and dispense from drum,
then store upright.
• A drum 14" to 28" (36 to 71 cm) in diameter
• A drum 31" to 41" (79 to 104 cm) tall
• 55-gallon (208 liter) steel drum
• 30-gallon (114 liter) steel drum
• 85-gallon (322 liter) salvage or "overpack" drum
• Rimmed plastic drum
• Fiber drum with sufficient rim recess on top for hook
• Ergonomic, extremely versatile drum trucks
• Designed and built for safety
• Carry full weight of drum during transport
• Move and turn easily on four 8" MORTUF polyolefin
   roller-bearing wheels
• Forged steel toe prongs
• Wide and rounded to protect drum
• Specially shaped to ease pickup of drum
• Hands are protected within U-shaped handle
• Capacity: 1,000 lb. (454 kg)
• All models ship fully assembled
• Handle 30, 55 or 85 gallon steel drum, most rimmed
   plastic and fiber drums
Use this drum truck to
• Easily move and turn drum
• Pour barrel or drum
• Pass through narrow aisles with hands protected inside
   the U-shaped handle
• Move drum onto and off pallets
Drum truck features
For good reason, model 160 4-Wheel Drum Truck
is our best selling drum truck. The innovative design
provides extra safety, ease of use, and versatility.
• Drum truck stands alone on 4 wheels holding full
   weight of drum. Does NOT require you to support
   or balance the drum.
• Extendable support prop stabilizes drum truck in
   dispensing position, and enables self-stand for upright
• Chime hook engages upper drum rim to assist in
   pulling upright drum onto drum truck
• Four large 8" (20.3 cm) MORTUF polyolefin roller
   bearing wheels carry the load
• Wide, rounded forged steel toes to ease loading and
   protect drum
• Capacity: 1,000 Lb. (454 kg)
With this ergonomic drum truck you can load and unload
a heavy drum with ease and move a drum quickly and
easily in narrow aisles. Even pour a drum into a 5-gallon
pail. The four wheels fully support the drum's weight, so
maneuvering is easy, it turns on a dime. . . and you don't
have to support or balance the load.
What's the difference between a drum truck and a
regular hand truck?
With a drum truck, you engage the upper drum rim and
and pull the handle to tilt the drum toward you. Then the
two "toes" of the drum truck fit under the curvature of
your drum to support it from underneath. No need to
tip the drum away from you to slide a base plate under-
neath. You can then move a drum onto and off pallets,
and position a drum for dispensing. When you're done,
the drum truck stands upright by itself for space saving
Ships fully assembled
• Ship weight: 65 Lb. (30 kg)
• Ship dimensions: L63" W20" H20" (160 x 51 x 51 cm)
Drum truck dimensions
• Frame is 63" (160 cm) long
• Wheel base is 20" (51 cm) wide
• Stands upright in 20" x 20" (51 x 51 cm) space
Position to pour drum with top rim of 55-gallon
(208 liter) steel drum 12.75" (32.4 cm) from the floor
Move drums on and off pallets Drum truck stands alone
holding full weight of drum
Roll a drum onto pallet. . . .or tilt on edge of pallet. Extra
long handle provides leverage for control.

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4-Wheel Drum Trucks for Rough Terrain

Model No. 160-WP
4-wheel drum truck with
inflated tires for moving your drum across rough terrain
Model No. 160-WP-SS
Stainless Steel Drum Truck with
inflated tires for moving a drum across rough terrain
Drum Trucks for moving a drum across rough terrain
have Pneumatic Wheels mounted outside the frame
for added stability
• Frame is 63.375" (161 cm) long
• Wheel base is 27.25" (69.2 cm) wide
• 10" (25.4 cm) Diameter tires
• 10.75" (27.3 cm) between front and back axles
Do you need to move a drum across rough terrain? The 4
wheels are mounted outside this drum truck's frame to
provide a wider, more stable base. The inflated tires help
ease the truck over rough terrain.
Ship weight: 85 Lb. (39 kg)
Ship dimensions: L64" W29" H20" (163 x 74 x 51 cm)

Optional Strap Kit Model No. 5058-P
The Strap Option allows you to handle your a shorter drum such as the 30-gallon
fiber drum shown at left, or a rimless plastic drum as shown in sequence of images
below, with any 4-Wheel Drum Truck.
Secure optional strap (shown
on model 160-SS) around a
rimless drum.
Strap assists in pulling your
drum over onto the drum truck.

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Drum Truck
74 lbs
T304 Stainless Steel
73 lbs
10" Pneumatic Wheels
88 lbs
10" Pneumatic Wheels, T304SS
88 lbs
With Spark Resistant Parts
74 lbs
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Strap Kit for Rimless Drums
2 lbs
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