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Hydraulic Surface Mounted Dock Levelers

top of dock levelers

The Top-Of-Dock is economical, allowing you
    to improve loading dock efficiency at a fraction
    of the cost of pit-mounted dock levelers. Initial
    cost is low. Maintenance is reduced to simple,
    periodic lubrication and adjustment.

The Top-Of-Dock is adaptable. A full 10" reach
    above dock height is attainable.

The Top-Of-Dock is easy to install on virtually
    any existing dock. No pit or other expensive
    concrete work is required. It requires only 35"
    back from dock edge.

hydraulic surface mounted dock leveler
The Top-Of-Dock is easy to operate for one man
    using one hand - whether you choose mechanical
    or hydraulic operation.

The Top-Of-Dock is stout. Face plate and lip are
    high strength steel safety tread plate. Precision
    bearings are used at load points. To safely
    accommodate a wide range of trailer heights, full
    18" high bumpers are standard equipment. These
    bumpers are molded of first quality rubber and
    secured to high strength 5/16" fully welded
    bumper blocks.


Top-Of-Dock is offered in your choice of a mechanically
or hydraulically operated model. With either model, you
can choose between 20,000 or 25,000 lb. capacity.
No matter which Top-Of-Dock you choose, you'll enjoy
years of smooth, dependable service and easy operation.
For hydraulically operated models, the operator simply
presses and holds the control button until the leveler
reaches the fully extended position. The operator then
releases the control button and the leveler automatically
lowers to create a good working level with the truck bed.
To retract and restore the leveler, the operator again
pushes the control button until the leveler lip clears the
trailer. Then upon release of the control button, the
leveler will smoothly descend into stored position.
Each of the twin hydraulic cylinders features an
adjustable descent control, eliminating the need for a
mechanical lip latch. This is an exclusive feature and
eliminates lip latch breakage.

Older docks are typically below the 50" industry
standard height. The trailers bought by major trucking companies match this industry standard. The Top-Of-
Dock has a 10" upward reach to provide a good
working level on low docks. That, plus the clear
superiority and rugged dependability of levelers, is
why Top-Of-Dock is the overwhelming choice of the
freight handling professionals, the major motor freight
companies, when they work at low docks. They use
the Top-Of-Dock more than all other brands and types
of surface-mounted levelers.
Top-Of-Dock simply mounts to the top and edge of loading dock. In fact, little or no change is required on an existing
dock. A pit is not needed. For very little expense, Top-Of-Dock allows you to create and effective working height on
older docks. To reduce loading and unloading grades, it has a generous 63" span. Deck width is 72".
Top-Of-Dock leveler to be fully-electric hydraulic push-button operated with a ____________ lb. capacity, a 72"
deck width, a 15" lip, an 11" extension beyond bumpers, and a 10" upward reach and a 63" total span. Unit to have
two independently adjustable hydraulic cylinders, one on lip and one on centerplate, for total hydraulic operation with
no mechanical lip latch. Unit to have 120V 1P totally enclosed unitized pump motor and valve assembly with NEMA
12 push-button control. Unit to automatically return to stored position after all operations. Unit to mount on top of
dock surface with no concrete pit forming required. Unit to include two 12" x 14" x 18" molded rubber bumpers
secured to fully-welded 5/16" steel bumper blocks. Unit to meet or exceed all applicable OSHA, ANSI and CS202
requirements. Unit to be Top-Of-Dock leveler model #__________.
dock leverl
  • 17" lip for trailers with step sections
  • Rust inhibiting primer paint
  • Pro-dock brown paint (Machine Tool Gray
    paint is standard)
  • Key lock operation
  • Floating bumper block
hydrualic dock leveler

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Model No Deck Width Total Unit Width 20,000 CIR 25,000 CIR 30,000 CIR 35,000 CIR
HSM-5 72" 110"
Wt. 1050# 1075# 1100# 1125#

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Common "EOD" Options
Description Price
17" Lip for Refrigerated Trailers
U.S. Post Office Model with 3" Run Off Guards (HED only)
Tapered Lip (Tapered At Sides)
Abrasive Deck Surface Over 4 Way
Solid Bar Handle for NeverLift
Extended Pipe Handle for Neverlift (Standard on 30k & 35k CIR)
Low Profile Design (Flat Center Plate) Pallet-Jack Applications
Stainless Steel Hinge Pins
Cold Spray Metalized
Consult Us
Torsion Spring (Extension Mechanism) DL Series Only
Extra Heavy Duty Sliding Bump Block Series Wall Mounting Bracket (1 Pair) (in lieu of standard)
Steel Face Bumpers (1 Pair) (in lieu of standard)
Special Paint
Consult Us
Grey Bump Blocks
Common "EOD" Accessories
Model No Description Price
DL96 Dock Ladder 7"x16"x45" with 36" dual grab bar built into ladder
DL80 Dock Ladder 7"x16"x45" with single grab bar (detached)
DOTH9260 Trash Can Holders
KIT3650 Safety Flag

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"EOD" Installation Accessories
Model No. Description Weight Price
66" Four-Sided Box Assembly
72" Four-Sided Box Assembly
78" Four-Sided Assembly
84" Four-Sided Assembly
DOTH-9036 Embed Channel 8" x 120" 156#
DOTH-9040 Embed Channel 10" x 120" 175#
DOTH-9050 Ramp Approach Plate 1/4"x12"x120" with 'Break', includes Anchor Bolts 113#
DOTH-9051 Ramp Approach Plate 1/4"x18"x120" with 'Break', includes Anchor Bolts 170#
DOTH-9052 Ramp Approach Plate 1/4"x24"x120" with 'Break', includes Anchor Bolts 226#
DOTH-9054 Ramp Approach Plate 1/4"x36"x120" with 'Break', includes Anchor Bolts 338#
DOTH-9055 Ramp Approach Plate 3/8"x12"x120" with 'Break', includes Anchor Bolts 164#
DOTH-9056 Ramp Approach Plate 3/8"x18"x120" with 'Break', includes Anchor Bolts 246#
DOTH-9057 Ramp Approach Plate 3/8"x24"x120" with 'Break', includes Anchor Bolts 327#
DOTH-9058 Ramp Approach Plate 3/8"x36"x120" with 'Break', includes Anchor Bolts 612#
DOTH-9059 Ramp Approach Plate 3/8"x48"x120" with 'Break', includes Anchor Bolts 897#
DOTH-9072 Face Plate 1/4"x9"x120" with Anchor Bolts 76#
DOTH-9073 Face Plate 1/4"x12"x120" with Anchor Bolts 102#
DOTH-9074 Face Plate 1/4"x15"x120" with Anchor Bolts 127#
DOTH-9066 Formed Angle 1/4"x8"x10"x120" 151#
DOTH-9067 Formed Angle 1/4"x8"x10"x120" with Break 151#
DOTH-9068 Formed Angle 1/4"x12"x14"x120" 217#
DOTH-9069 Formed Angle 1/4"x12"x14"x120" with Break 217#
DKIT-9915 Installation Kit-included (4) angles 1/4"x2"x2"x6 & 17 Anchor Bolts 6#
DKIT-9914 TOD Install Kit  
DOTH-1003 Gray Touch Up Spray Paint  
DOTH-1004 Orange Touch Up Spray Paint  
DOTH-2079 Anchor Bolts 5/8"x5" (Round Heads)  

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