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Drum heaters are specially made to heat drums of any size. From 15 gallon drum heaters to 55 gallon drum heaters,
we can custom make a durable heating blanket to fit all drums and barrels.

Unlike heavy metal drum heaters, drum heaters are light and flexible while still maintaining outstanding durability
and reliability. With a built in thermostat, you can adjust the heat to the degrees needed for your particular
storage product.

Our drum heaters are built to last and built to save. The 90° blankets require only 3.3 amps per blanket which means
you can plug in a total of 6 blankets to one 20 amp outlet.
Our drum heaters can also be custom made to plug into 12 volt power sources such as a cigarette lighter.
This allows for heating during transportation.
drum heater The new BH55-RR is 120 Volt and engineered to achieve a
maximum blanket temperature of 100°F (+/- 10°F). The Rapid
Ramp technology is a smart feature of the blanket that allows for
an accelerated initial “heat-up” time. Through a network of thermal
switches, the blanket will utilize 800 watts (6.67 Amps) to rapidly
bring the system to 100°F (+/- 10°F). As soon as the blanket
achieves 100°F (+/- 10°F), the blanket reduces power consumption
to 400 watts (3.33 Amps) to maintain the desired 100°F (+/- 10°F).
With Rapid Ramp technology, you will get amazing initial heating,
while avoiding under- and over-heating your products! This model
is UL/CSA compliant.
drum heater
The BH55-Pro – Heated and Insulated Electric 55 Gallon Drum
Heater with adjustable thermostat controller, 120 Volt, 960 watts,
and 8 Amps. Safely Heat & Insulate Water, Chemicals, Oils,
& Food Products. The BH55-Pro comes standard with a digital
thermostatic controller allowing the user to dial in the appropriate
blanket temperature that turns the blanket on and off within +/- 2°F
of the desired temperature. The BH55-Pro is the best drum heater
available for maintaining a precise heat from ambient temperature
up to 160°F. With the BH55-PRO, you get the most precise and
consistent drum heating system in its class. This model is UL/CSA

drum heater controller drum heater
drum heater
Adjustable Thermostat Controller
When deciding which blanket to order with your thermostat controller -
always order a drum heat blanket with a maximum temperature higher
that you actually need. For example, if you are trying to bring water to
a temperature of 105°F in a 55 gallon drum, you need to order the
BH55-110 (110°F) or BH55-130 (130°F) blanket which you can then
adjust down to the desired 105°F target temperature. The GHT2000D
digital thermostat controller is designed to be used with our non-horizontal
products including Drum heaters, bucket warmers, tote heaters, cylinder
warmers, foam box warmers, etc.

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Model No. Description Price
55 Gallon Drum
55gal Rapid Ramp -100°F 120V 400W/800W 3.33A/6.66A
55gal Professional w/ Thermostatic Controller 120V 960 Watts 8.00 Amps
30 Gallon Drum
30gal Rapid Ramp - 100°F 120V 280/560W 2.33/4.67A
30gal Professional w/ Thermostatic Controller 120V 720 Watts 6.00 Amps
15 Gallon Drum
15gal Rapid Ramp - 100°F 120V 160/320W 1.33/2.67A
15gal Professional w/ Thermostatic Controller 120V 400 Watts 3.33 Amps
5 Gallon Bucket
5gal Rapid Ramp - 100°F 120V 60/120W 0.50/1.00A
 BH05-PRO   5gal Professional w/ Thermostatic Controller 120V 160 Watts 1.33 Amps
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