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NEW! COLORGALV® is a patented factory-applied archi-
tectural color finish for painting hot dip galvanized steel.

Colorgalv Is A Complete Process
All work is done in a state-of-the-art coating facility in a fully cont-
rolled environment. Nothing is left to chance! And because Color-
galv is a factory-applied metal coating system, you can colorize
your steel year round regardless of weather conditions.

Steel Corrosion Protection In Your Choice Of Colors
With our Colorgalv, your steel corrosion protection color range
is virtually unlimited. Download our pdf color chart to see our
extensive color selection.

Warranteed Metal Finishing System
Available in any color and warranteed for twenty years against rust,
Colorgalv provides the architectural and engineering community with
a long lasting metal finishing system that blends protective coatings
with the aesthetics of architectural finishes.

The Gold Standard For Coating Hot Dip Galvanized Steel
Since 1963, Colorgalv has been the gold standard for factory applied
high performance architectural coatings.

Experience You Can Count On
With over 50 years of experience in painting galvanizing steel, you
can have peace of mind knowing that a company in business since
1890 will be standing behind our work to ensure the longevity of
your installation.

It is sometimes desirable to paint galvanized steel
for reasons such as:

color coding, safety markings, aesthetics or for added protection in
particularly aggressive environments. In many instances the resulting
duplex system (zinc coating plus paint) has been found to have
synergistic benefits.
The paint film extends the life of the galvanized coating by providing
additional barrier protection for the zinc layer. As the paint film
begins to break down, galvanizing extends the life of paint because
the zinc corrosion product will not undercut or cause blistering of
the paint coating. In fact, the zinc corrosion product will actually
retard further coating damage by sealing pores and cracks in the
paint film.
Since our inception in 1890, we have been providing the
proven corrosion protection of Hot Dip Galvanizing to the
architectural, engineering, specification, construction and
metal fabrication communities.
When you choose Colorgalv you are assured of the
Colorgalv® is available year round regardless of weather
conditions. All work is done in a state of the art coating
facility in a fully controlled environment.
Colorgalv® is a factory applied coating system which
combines the best of both worlds...the superior corrosion
protection and the aesthetic appeal of a quality topcoat.
This system provides outstanding resistance to the serious
and costly corrosion conditions present in the atmosphere.
Our trained technicians take personal pride in every Colorgalv® project. We monitor all work every step
through the process and, by utilizing advanced techniques,
ensure a maximum bond between the galvanized steel
and the coating.
When you specify Colorgalv®, you are getting the assur-
ance that your project is receiving the state-of-the-art in
corrosion protection and the most technologically
advanced factory applied coating system available.
Sole Source Responsibility
We assumes full and complete responsibilities for the
coating system. By combining our on-site testing labor-
atory, equipped with the most advanced technology
available and the latest process control systems we can
assure our clients and customers of a commitment to
quality that is unmatched in the industry.
Now that you have protected your steel against corrosion
by specifying Duragalv®, add the excitement of color with
Because it is a process and not a product, Colorgalv is in
the unique position to conform to advanced technologies
in the coatings field.
Cost reductions
Through decades of research and fine-tuning the
Colorgalv® process, we are able to achieve consid-
erable cost savings over conventional coating systems.
By providing a single source for the galvanizing and
coating, costly field labor is eliminated, thereby yielding
a savings to the owner.
We provide state-of-the-art galvanizing and high-tech
finishes for ALL types of metal fabrications.
Our processes provide corrosion and aesthetic solutions
for all facets of the built environment. After years of
research and development, we can now provide you
with interior & exterior coating solutions that no one else
can claim. It is our goal to be your full-service coatings
Should Colorgalv® become damaged due to shipping
or erection problems, touch-up is easily performed with
material supplied by us. The touch-up area will
blend perfectly with the original coating.
Colorgalv® is a patented (U.S. Patent #5641543) factory-applied high-performance wet architectural color coating
on hot dip galvanized steel. It is a process that is available
in any color and warranted for twenty years against rust.
Since the mid 1960’s, Colorgalv® has been providing the
architectural and engineering community with a long lasting
system that combines corrosion protection with the
aesthetics of color.
Hundreds of landmark projects throughout the
Northeast have received high performance coating
by our Galvanizing. Contact your technical
representative for reference projects.
Contact us for pricing.
We have custom color matching
If the ideal color for your project is not shown on this chart, please contact us. Custom color matching and specification
development can be accomplished to meet your needs. For field painting of galvanized steel, contact us to learn more
about Primergalv®, the ideal factory applied prime coat for on-site painting.
All of the coatings used in Colorgalv® process are lead free and light fast. These special colorants were formulated to
produce bright, true, long-lasting and maintenance-free coatings. All material is V.O.C. compliant and all application is
performed in an OSHA approved facility.
The color samples provided in this chart are representations rather than exact matches of the specific color chosen.
Matches will be made within normal industry tolerances. We recommend that an actual sample of the color selected
be obtained from us for approval.
Custom colors, other than those shown, can usually be duplicated, but may require a surcharge and increased lead time.
All colors shown are supplied in a “high-gloss” finish. Please contact us for availability of other finishes.

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