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The GD, GDN, and GDR Series of leveling casters are a solution to the age old problem of flexible movement
combined with the ability of securely setting and braking a caster in a specific location.The leveling foot, once set
in place, provides for stable, anti-vibrational placement. Our leveling casters can easily move up to 2,200 lbs
over four casters. Greater weight requirements may require the use of more casters. Our casters are being used
on work stations medical, computer, communication, printing, woodworking, automation and assembly equipment.
They are typically found in all manufacturing environments, including clean room and laboratory facilities.
Load Capacity (per caster): 1,100 lbs (500 kg)
Recommended Load (4 casters): 2,200 lbs (1,000 kg)
Temperature Range: +14 ~ +194° F (-10 ~ +90° C)
Weight: 3.0 lbs. (1.4 kg)
Top Plate (1): 3 17/32" x 3 17/32" (2 3/4" x 2 3/4")
Frame Material (2): Aluminum Die Cast
Handle (3): ABS
Leveling Pad Material (4): NBR
Wheel Material (5): Nylon-6
Surface Treatment: Powder Coated & Zinc Galvanized
Leveling Pad: Polyurethane or Anti-static Polyurethane
Wheel Material: Polyurethane with Aluminum Core
gd series leveling plate casters mounting hardware
gd series leveling plate casters
d_80f leveling plate caste4rs
Basic Materials
Optional Materials
Pressed steel / khaki
Aluminum / Ivory
Aluminum / Black
NBR / Black
NBR / Gray
Antistatic NBR / Black
Polyurethane / Natural
Antistatic Polyurethane / Natural
Nylon 6
Powder coat & Zinc Galvanized

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Model No. Top Plate (bolt hole pattern) Load O.A.H. Weight Price (each)
GD-80F 3.17/32 x 3.17/32" (2.3/4 x 2.3/4") 1,100 lbs. 4 3/32" 3.0 lbs. $77.40
3.17/32 x 3.17/32" (2.3/4 x 2.3/4")
1,100 lbs.
4 3/32"
3.0 lbs.

Understand Leveling Casters...
gd series leveling plate casters Moving a piece of equipment into a desired location, applying
a wheel braking mechanism, and setting the unit into an exact
position; is easier said than done in many caster applications.
Our leveling casters offer a simple solution. After installation
of the appropriate number of leveling casters, with either
standard top plates or threaded stems, the equipment is
easily pushed into position. Once positioned in the exact spot
of operation, the anti-vibration foot/pad is lowered, the caster
wheel is lifted off the ground, making the equipment completely
stationary. This pad allows for minor adjustments in leveling
requirements. When your equipment needs to be moved out
of the way; just raise the anti-vibrational foot/pad and push it
easily to a new location.

Three types of handles Leveling casters utilize three devices to raise and lower anti-vibration foot/pad.
The standard device found on on all light and medium duty casters is the
orange manual wheel, easily turned to raise and lower the stabilizing foot.
For the more ergonomic requirement, a self contained ratcheting device is
offered. In the heavier duty models the adjustment is made by turning a nut
with the help of a standard wrench, offering greater leverage.
Manual Handle

(1) Raw Materials are higher quality.
Good material is a start of the uncompromised top quality.
Even if it is hard to see, there are big differences in raw
material quality. We are choosing the consistent higher
quality material for aluminum and nylon.
(2) Innovative Axle
(3) Heated Raceway
Continuous innovation is our core competencies.
Innovative Axle...
a patented system, to eliminate the hazards such as vibration
axle in a moving mode, resulting in protecting your equipment
and operator.
gd series leveling plate casters Heat Treated Raceway...
Unlike most leveling casters found on the
market today, we manufacture and install
a heat treated steel raceway between the
die-cast aluminum body and the upper ball
race for smoother swivel operation and
longer product life.

(4) All production processes are kept in house to maintain higher quality, which is managed
     under ISO 9001.
Unlike most of competitors who had phased out in-house production. G-dok deeps the in-house production with
craftmanship. It has always been our philosophy that we cannot get the best quality if we do not do it ourselves,
and that quality is the only thing that endures.

gd series leveling plate casters (5) Ratchet system
Ratchet leveling casters are patented by G-dok.
For easier use, the self-contained ratcheting device is offered.
This device is protected by the patent law, so no competitor
can imitate this product.
(6) RoHS 100% of all components found in the leveling
casters are manufactured to comply with world
wide RoHS requirements.

(8) Side and Back Access
Convenient multiple designs
We offer two type of access in leveling caster use. The single rear access opening, offered by most leveling caster
manufacturers, can be a limiting feature in variety of applications. We offer an additional body design with two sides
access, where the application thumb wheel might be limited. This design with a rear support structure additionally
adds strength and durability to the body in more demanding applications.
Leveling Stem Casters, Plate Casters, Retractable Caster, Adjustable Casters, Lifting Caster, Ratchet Caster, Leveling Casters, Swivel Caster, Nylon Wheels, Leveling Pads, and Locking Casters from your source for material handling equipment.

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