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NEW Metal powder coat surface mount loop bike rack.

Size: 26” L x 28” H
Unit Weight: 25 lbs.
Material: Metal

Model: MF9022
Price: $969.60

Technical Data - Innoteck Powder Coatings
General Description
A functionalized polyethylene copolymer based thermoplastic powder coating designed for maximum mechanical
performance, impact resistance and UV-stability. Polyarmor® G17 Texture is a non-skid protective coating.

Surface Preparation
      Chemical Pretreatment - Multi-stage phosphate conversion coating may be used
     Mechanical Preparation - (SSPC-SP6) 2-3 mil (50-75µm) anchor profile using clean, sharp edged blast media

Properly preparing parts before powder coating is essential for a quality finish. This includes cleaning,
rinsing, drying and insuring the substrate surface is free and clear of any contaminates.

Fluidized Bed
     For fluidized-bed dipping, preheat parts to 450° F (230°C) adjusting for part thickness. Dip parts in fluidized-bed
     of Polyarmor® G17 Texture for 8-10 seconds. Allow excess powder to stand for 1 minute then carefully blow off
     the excess material. Post bake coated part @380° F - 400° F (193 - 205°C) for 3 – 4 minutes.
     Important: Polyarmor® G17 Texture is designed to texture on the HORIZONTAL surface of the part. There will
     be slight texturing on vertical surfaces. For best results, do not water quench cool Polyarmor® G17 Texture.

Electrostatic Deposition
     Polyarmor® G17T can be applied via electrostatic deposition with or without pre-heat. When not using pre-heat,
     the powder should be applied to achieve a thickness of 8 – 10mils (203 - 254µm). Recommended voltage setting
     when using Corona equipment is 40 – 60 kv. Post-baking at 350 - 425°F (175 - 220°C) for 5 to 10 minutes
     depending on metal thickness, or until desired flow out is achieved. For preheated parts, the recommended preheat
     temperature is 400°F (205°C). Deposit Polyarmor® G17 8-12mils (203 – 300µm) or higher if desired. For
     improved surface finish, parts may be post-baked for a short period of time if necessary. Times and temperatures in
     the oven will depend on configuration and thickness of the part.

No Cure Time
     Thermoplastic powder coatings need only be heated enough to flow out the coating, nothing more. Overheating
     may cause degradation or embrittlement of the coating. Coating may be put into service when cooled.
Powder Properties
Coverage (100% efficiency) 25.65 ft per pound @ 8mils (5.24 m per kg @ 203m)
Particle Size Available in fluid bed & spray grades
VOC Content ZERO
Thickness (Recommended) 8 - 30mils (203 762m)
Storage Stability Store in dry area below 90 F, keep container closed with liners sealed and out of direct sunlight and any moisture or external contaminates. Always use good manufacturing practices.
Performance Properties
Melting Point   221F (105C)
Specific Gravity ASTM D 792 0.95g/cm3
Adhesion ASTM D 4541 800psi (5.6MPa)
Impact Resistance ASTM B 2794 >320 in-lbs (35.8 Joules)
Vicat Softening Point ASTM D 1525 162F (72C)
Tensile Strength ASTM D 638 3482psi (12MPa)
Elongation (%) ASTM D 638 13%
Humidity Resistance ASTM D 2247 No blistering or loss of gloss after 1000 hours
Salt Spray ASTM B 117 2,000 hrs. no significant change in color or gloss
QUV ASTM G 53 2,000 hrs. no significant change in color or gloss
Taber Abrasion ASTM D 4060 26mg loss, CS 17 wheel, 100mg loss, CS 17 wheel
Flexibility (Conical Mandrel Bend) ASTM D 522 1/8in (3.2mm), no cracks (>32%)
Gloss ASTM D 523 12
Melt Index ASTM D 1238 20
The Seller renders all technical advice, recommendations and services gratis. They are based on technical data which
the Seller believes to be reliable, and are intended for use by persons having skill and know-how at their own
discretion and risk. Seller assumes no responsibility for results obtained or damages incurred from their use by Buyer
in whole or in part. Such recommendations, technical advice or services are not to be taken as a license to operate
under or intended to suggest infringement of any existing patent.

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