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telescopic booms Meet the new 3632T Telescopic Aerial Work Platform. The trailer-
mounted boom lift provides 42' of working height and 32' of outreach
and features an automatic, self-leveling hydraulic outrigger system that
allows for setup in 30 seconds when all four outriggers are deployed
Residential Construction Municipalities
Tree Trimming Roofing
Pressure Washing Golf Courses
Painting Schools and Universities
Remodeling Museums
Eaves Maintenance Agriculture
Decorating Park Services
Roof Maintenance Restaurants
Cleaning Shopping Complex
Lighting Maintenance Churches
Satellite Installation Truss Placement
Security Companies HVAC Installation
Sign Companies
Pole Buildings
telescopic lift
work platform lifts The picture to the left,
depicting residential
Christmas light decorating,
illustrates the light strands
plugged into the available GFI
protected outlet located by
the platform. Do not use this
equipment in areas where the
equipment or user may come
in contact with separately
powered decorative lighting
or other live power sources.
Features: aerial work platform
• Automatic leveling in less than 30 seconds
• Best-in-class 12-degree leveling capability
• Simple telescopic boom design
• Zero tail swing
• Intuitive control system
• Multiple function speeds
• Simultaneous multi-function control system
• 12½-in (32 cm) diameter non-marking
• Hydraulic surge and parking brakes
• Integrated forklift pockets
Superior performance
All models feature an auto-leveling system
and optimized outrigger geometry providing
quick and easy machine set-up and industry
leading leveling capability.
ground control lifts
hydraulic platform
Summit Series booms are easily towed
by vehicles with an adequate towing
capacity and that are equipped with an
appropriately rated hitch.
Both the platform and ground controls have
an easy-to-understand display panel with
logically positioned control buttons around a
single machine image for easy identification
of button functions.
• Material lifting system
• DC/Gas hybrid power
• Drive and set option
• Platform rotation
• Spare tire with mounting kit
• Tool tray
• Adjustable height combination hitch
• Various combination hitch couplers
• Custom colors
Working Height¹ 43 ft 6 in (13.4 m)
Max. Platform Height² 37 ft 6 in (11.4 m)
Horizontal Outreach³  
   Max. from Centerline 32 ft (9.8 m)
   Max. from Outrigger Edge 27 ft (8.2m)
Turntable Rotation 360° continuous4
Load Capacity5 500 lbs (227 kg)
Leveling Capability 12°
Stowed Dimensions
   Height 76 3/4 in (195 cm)
   Length 21 ft 11 in (6.7 m)
   Width 5 ft 5 in (165 cm)
Platform Dimensions
   Height 43 in (109 cm)
   Length 30 in (76 cm)
   Width 48 in (122 cm)
Platform Rotation / Type6 90° / Manual
Outrigger Footprint
   Length 12 ft 2 in (3.7 m)
   Width 11 ft 3 1/2 in (3.4 m)
   Footpad Diameter 12 1/2 in (32 cm)
Tongue Weight7 160 lbs (73 kg)
Parking Brake Standard
Tow Speed Rating 65 mph (105 km/h)
Tire Size ST 225/75 R15D
Control System 24V DC
Batteries 4 x 6V 245 amp-hr
Total Weight7 4,200 lbs (1,905 kg)
¹ The metric equivalent of working height adds 2 m to the maximum platform height. U.S. adds 6 ft to the maximum platform height.
² Maximum platform height when outriggers are fully extended on a level surface.
³ As is standard industry practice, this is measured from the edge of the platform plus 20 in (.5 m) arm reach.
4 700-degree non-continuous rotation when equipped with the Drive & Set option.
5 Capacity may vary depending on options equipped on machine. Consult factory for details.
6 These are offered as optional equipment.
7 Weights will vary depending on options and/or market destination. Consult us for details.
drive and set Drive and Set¹
Ideal for parking lot lighting maintenance and other applications that require multiple
set-ups, this option allows an operator to drive, deploy and retract outriggers and
automatically level the machine from the platform when it is in the fully lowered position.
The proportional friction drive system can climb grades of up to 20% and
also features an auto-release braking system.
friction drive system
gas hybrid DC / Gas Hybrid
This option includes a 4,500-watt (4.9kVA) continuous duty AC generator
powered by a 9HP Honda gas engine featuring:
• Electric start and remote choke.
• Robust steel cover with gas shock and rubber latch.
• Generator supplies 110/60 AC power to the 40-amp
   charger and upper and lower GFI outlets providing remote
   power at both the platform and turntable.
• A power sensing system automatically switches between
   generator and extension cord power.
honda gas engine
pare tire and mounting bracket Spare Tire and Mounting Bracket
tool tray Tool Tray
Provides convenient, on-board
storage of a spare tire.
Provides a convenient
location to keep tools,
fasteners and other items
within easy reach.
Accessory Mounting Tray²
In addition to the generator interface
plate the 3632T can be equipped with
up to two additional accessory mounting
trays to accommodate generators, air
compressors and pressure washers.
Tube Caddy
Holds fluorescent tubes
securely in the platform and
provides easy access.
Additional Battery Pack³
Doubles the available battery power and lift cycles by adding
an additional bank of batteries. Strongly recommended for DC
models equipped with the drive and set option.
Manual Platform Rotate
A manual rotate mechanism allows the operator
to rotate the platform 90-degrees in either
Combination Hitch4
A large variety of hitch couplers are available for the Summit
Series product line including a height adjustable combination hitch
option that can be configured with any of the following couplers:
Electric Brakes
• 2 inch ball
• 2-5/16 inch ball
• 2 ½-inch I.D. pintle ring
• Clevis
combination hitch Optional electric brakes are available with
fixed or combination hitch couplers.
material lifting hook material lifting system Material Lifting System
A material lifting hook and quick
disconnect platform allows any Summit
Series Boom to be converted into a
lightweight crane in seconds. This option
features a load management system that
measures the weight at the end of the
boom and displays this information at the
ground control station.
display panel
air line to platform
Air Line to Platform
Featuring a 3/8-inch diameter, 300 psi rated nylon braided air hose and includes
both a ¼-inch and a 3/8-inch universal5 female coupler that can be attached to
the hose end at the platform bulkhead, ensuring that you’ll always be able to
connect your tools to air power when you’re on the job site.
water line to platform
Water Line to Platform
Features a 3/8-inch diameter, steel
braided, pressure washer grade
hose rated at 3,000 psi.
¹ Designed and intended for use on flat, firm surfaces only. Not for use in rough terrain or on steep inclines.
² The right hand accessory mounting plate option is not available on Gas/DC Hybrid powered models.
³ Additional charging time is required to fully charge the system.
4 All Summit Series Booms come standard with a fixed height, heavy-duty 6,000 lb rated 2-inch ball hitch (except the 5533A, which
   comes standard with the adjustable height combination hitch and 2-inch lever-lock coupler).
5 The 1/4-inch universal coupler accepts up to six different styles of 1/4-inch male hose fitting connectors and the 3/8-inch coupler
   accepts up to four different styles of 3/8-inch male hose fitting connectors.
Model Description Price
3632T DC $44,052
3632T DC/Gas Hybrid $53,911
Hitch/Brake Option
Combination hitch w/electric brakes
Combination 2-in ball hitch & hyd surge brake
Combination 2-5/16 in ball hitch & hyd surge brakes
Drive and set
Material lift attachment (includes load weighing system)
Mega battery package
Platform rotator (manual)
Spare tire & mounting kit
Operational warning light package (flashing beacon)
LH Accessory Mounting Tray
RH Accessory Mounting Tray¹
Tool tray
Fluorescent tube caddy
Personal Fall Protection Equipment
Part No. Description Price
B00-00-0160 6' Lanyard and Harness $203
B00-00-0166 Medium Exofit XP Harness $424
B00-00-0167 Large Exofit XP Harness $424
B00-00-0168 X-Large Exofit XP Harness $437
B00-00-0165 6' Lanyard w/Energy Absorbers $141
¹The right hand accessory tray is not available on models equipped with the DC/Gas hybrid package.
²Packets shipped unassembled. One assembled packet is included with each unit ordered.

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