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RC-IM-R Series

RC-IM-1R1 and RC-IM-1R2
This Series of Radio Controls are ideal for smaller, simpler operations such as light-duty cranes and monorails.
The RC-IM-1R2 Series Radio Control offers the user 2-step pushbuttons, while the RC-IM-1R1 Series Radio
Control has 1-step pushbuttons. Both wireless control systems operate on exceptionally low power consumption
up to three months on two AA batteries and feature a user-friendly design. Operating range for the remote system
is 300+ feet.
radio remote control General Specifications
• Durable, robust IP 65 industrial casing
• New lightweight (250g) user friendly design
• Advanced RF circuitry design with over 4 billion ID codes
• Exceptionally low Power Consumption - up to 3 months
   usage with 2 AA batteries
• Error free Hamming code technology
• Working temperature range from -45° to +80°C
• Long distance operation up to 100m
• Purposely designed for the control of high-vibration,
   heavy-duty mobile and industrial equipment
• Remote ID Setting Technology allowing for instant maintenance
   at site
• Multi-optional receiver input power. 48/110, 48/200,
   110/220, 220/380 VAC & 12-24V DC
© 220: 4 pushbuttons with 2-step (Up, Down, East, West)
+ EMS + Start Key
© 260: 6 pushbuttons with 1-step (Up, Down, East, West,
North, South) + EMS + Start Key

radio remote control
radio remote control
(1) The R0/START can be N.C. or
(2) The fuse for the power
      AC48/110/220/380V is 0.25A.
      The fuse for the power DC12/24V
      is 1.5A.
(3) The fuse for the AC type at the
      COM(MAIN) is 10A. The fuse
       for the DC type at the COM
       (MAIN) is 20A.

RC-3M2 Series

RC-3M2 Series
The 3M2 Series Radio/Remote Control is a versatile System, ideal for complex industrial applications. The compact,
8-pushbutton Transmitter fits easily in the user's hand. The 3M2 Series is a 3-motion, 2-speed radio, suitable for most industrial applications. With a range of 300 feet, the 3M2 can accommodate larger applications without compromising
safety. Installation of the 3M2 Series is very simple, and both AC and DC* voltage configurations are available.
radio remote control General Specifications
• Enclosure: IP65 (indoor/outdoor)
• Structure: Fiberglass
• Crystal-Based
• Both power source and output relays with fuses
• Synchronous transmission encoding and decoding
• Frequency: 310.0325 ~ 321.535 MHz
• Operating temperature: -30° - +75° C
• Relays: 10A/250V
• ID Code: 32 bit
• Response time = 65ms
• Range: 300 feet
• *AC Standard - Contact Us for DC Configuration
Transmitter Specifications
• 6.4" L x 1.9" W x 1.8" H
• 0.6 lbs.
• 2 AA size alkaline batteries
• 3-stage power indicator
• Synchronous transmission encoding and decoding
• Buzzer/Alarm
• Removable key (waterproof)
• Changeable push button symbols
• Shock resistant design
• Password power-on: 4 digits
• Normal power consumption: about 40mA
Receiver Specifications
• 6.6" L x 6.1" W x 3.5" H
• 3.1 lbs.
• Input: 110 VAC
• Alarm and signal light output
• Power source detector
• Anti-power interrupt circuit
• Shock resistant
• Enhanced watch-dog circuit
• 3 superheterodyne
• Frequency deviation tracing circuit

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Catalog No.
Series 260 - Three motion Single Speed with Key On / Off, Emergency Stop,
2 Transmitters and 1 Receiver
Series 220 - Two Motion Two Speed for Monorail Application Key On / Off,
E-Stop, 2 Transmitters and 1 Receiver
Three Motion Two Speed with Key On / Off E-Stop, 2 Transmitters and
1 Receiver, Separate Commons
Three Motion Two Speed with Momentary Push Start Button E-Stop,
2 Transmitters and 1 Receiver, Separate Commons
Three Motion Two Speed with Key On / Off Programmed for A / Both / B Operation
Radio Remote Control Accessory and Replacement Parts
Catalog No.
Two Way Selector Switch for "Radio" / "Pendant" Opeartion
Replacement Magnetic Key for Series 220, 260 and RC-3M2
Pulse Alarm (requred by OSHA in most states) Specify 120 VAC or 24 VDC
Spare Transmitter for Single Speed Series 260 Units (specify serial number)
Spare Transmitter for RC-3M2 and RC-3M2 A/B (specify serial number)
Spare Transmitter for all RC-3M2 Systems w/Momentary Start (specify serial number)
Rubber Protective Boot (specify model number)
Radio Remote Control Systems, Cranes Monorails, 48/110, 48/200, 110/220,220/380VAC, 12-24V DC, Wireless Control Systems,
4 Pushbuttons with 2-step, and 6 Pushbuttons with 1-step from your source for material handling equipment.

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