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Power drive for push-type hoists and underhung cranes.

chester tractor drive hoists Tractor drives deliver greater productivity with existing push-type
underhung crane bridges or push-type monorail hoists with motor-
driven travel. Designed for capacities up to 5 tons, Tractor Drives are
easy to install without removing or disturbing existing equipment.
Underhung Crane Bridges
Designed to accommodate any make unit, twin tractor units of the same
design as the single unit tractor can be used to convert push-type crane
bridges to electric drive. The twin unit synchronized Tractor Drives are
wired to a universal electrical control panel located on the master tractor
to provide simultaneous operation.
For monorail trolley suspended hoists
This single, powerful, electrically motorized tractor provides fast
horizontal travel while minimizing worker fatigue. A squirrel cage electric
motor with torque multiplied by a heavy-duty gear reducer drives a
urethane drive wheel. The drive wheel engages the underside of the
monorail track, providing positive power drive.
chester tractor drive hoists
MOTOR - 1/2 hp @1800 rpm (1/4 hp @ 900 rpm for
35 fpm) Squirrel cage motor with permanently lubricated
bearings. Standard NEMA C face 30 minute motor with
Class F insulation.
BEAM ADJUSTMENT RANGE - Standard unit is
adjustable for standard I-beams and flat-flange beams
from 3.38" to 8" wide. Maximum flange thickness for
standard unit is .62". Minimum curve for standard unit
is 36" radius.
DRIVE - Direct drive with right-angle worm gear
reducer. Fully enclosed aluminum housing for lubrication
of gears and bearings.
CONTROLS - Magnetic reversing contractor with
mechanical interlock enclosed in a NEMA 1 enclosure
with a terminal strip for control connections. Standard
tractor is designed for 208-230/460 volt, 3 phase,
60 hertz supply. See options for other power supplies.
DRIVE WHEEL - Drive wheel is 6" diameter, 2" wide
with cast iron hub and a urethane thread. Wheel is spring
loaded against the bottom of the beam for positive traction.
CONSTRUCTION - Steel plate construction with steel
tie-rods for easy adjustment. Steel clevis with a 3/8"
diameter pin is provided for towbar attachment.
STANDARD FINISH - Air-dry machinery enamel.
575 volt, 3 phase, 60 hertz operation
2, 4 , 5 and 8 button push-button stations
TROLLEY WHEELS - Cast iron fully machined wheels
with universal tread for operation on tapered or flat-flange
beams. Each wheel has two permanently lubricated sealed
ball bearings.
Additional push-button cable length (10' standard)
NEMA 12, 4 or 4X control enclosures
Motor brake
Soft start (recommended for speeds above 70 fpm)
Two-speed or variable controls
Transformer for 115 volt power control
For other beams, options or custom designs, consult us.

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Single unit for Monorail Hoists
Capacities to 5 tons
Cap. Speed Catalog Number Price
2000 35 TD-235
2000 55 TD-255
2000 70 TD-270
2000 105 TD-2105
3000 35 TD-335
3000 55 TD-355
3000 70 TD-370
3000 105 TD-3105
5000 35 TD-535
5000 55 TD-555
5000 70 TD-570
6000 35 TD-635
6000 55 TD-655
10000 35 TD-1035
Standard unit is adjustable for standard I-beams
and flat flange beams from 3.38" to 8" wide.
Maximum allowable flange thickness is .62". For
patented monorail applications (straight track only)
add $181 to price.

Tractors to operate on curved beams (36" min. radius
or larger) require flangeless wheels and guide rollers.
Add $738 to price.

Standard Pricing Includes Transformer, Control
Fuse, 2-Button Pushbutton Station, 10-Foot Drop
Cable, and Strain Relief Chain.
Note: Specify Required Voltage, Phase,
Frequency and Beam Size when ordering.

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Description Price
Standard Tow Bar (12" long)
Unit for single phase power (not available
for 35 FPM)
Unit for 575V-3PH-60HZ power
Weatherproof (NEMA 4) Control Enclosure
Motor Brake
24V Controls (in lieu of standard 115V)
Mainline Contactor (does not include button)
Motor Fuses, Holder, Enclosure
Soft-start With Enclosure
4-Button Push Assembly
6-Button Push Assembly
8-Button Push Assembly
Extra Pushbutton cable (includes strain relief)
Per ft.
per ft.
2 Speed* (slow speed is 1/3 of listed speed)
For options or accessories not listed,
consult us for pricing and availability.
* When ordering, add "T" in front of single
unit catalog number. Example: TBTD-235
NOTE: 575/3/60 not ULC listed

Chester Tractor Drive, Power Drive for Push-Type Hoists, Underhung Cranes, Motor Driven Trolleys, Trolley, Hoist
Trolley, Push-Type Monorail Hoists with Motor-Driven Travel, Convert Push-Type Crane Bridges to Electric Drive,
and Monorail Trolley Suspended Hoists from your source for material handling equipment.

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